Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Leg 58 | UKOO Odessa - EDMS Straubing

This flight would be the last. Unbelievably the trip had almost come to an end.

Boarding the Legacy one last time.

The route would go from Ukraine over Moldova, Romania, Hungary and Austria before getting back to Germany: SURAP L140 POGAV Y572 BUDOP L850 GISPO L856 TAGAS L610 STAUB

The last takeoff run...

Odessa and its surroundings looked rather credible. Once again I was thankful for Orbx' FTX Global.

The Carpathian mountains, a while later.

The flight turned out to be the flight o'glimpses. Here was a glimpse of Budapest airport:

And here one one of Vienna's airport:

Watching the Austrian countryside reminded me of all the other different views I had experienced: the Australian Outback, southwestern US, northern Scotland...

Then I was crossing into Germany, over the city of Passau. In the time since I departed for this trip, Orbx had released Germany North & South, and now I could take full advantage of the improved scenery.

Bavarian countryside in all its glory!

The city of Straubing, much improved thanks to the GES scenery.

I crossed the field, watched a plane land below and entered the pattern to EDMS.

It's....the final touchdown!

Taxiing to the ramp felt a bit more glamorous than usual.

It's over! 59 flights, 29,000 nm traveled in 156 hours and 36 min of flight time, equating to185 kts mean speed, burning approximately 1430 gallons of virtual fuel.

Distance flown (nm) 750
Flt time (hh:mm) 04:39
Fuel used (Gal) 37

Sceneries UKOO by vACC Ukraine (freeware)
Orbx Germany South
Aerosoft German Airfields 9

I admit it was not easy to keep a constant level of motivation for this project over the last two years. Yet, it worked out In The End (Linkin Park).

So..... that's it, folks!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Leg 57 | LTAC Ankara - UKOO Odessa

After returning to LTAC by daylight I have to say it looks pretty neat.

I had the tanks filled up once again. With full tanks, I should be able to reach Straubing without refueling. The route to Odessa was BUK M861 RAKUR M856 ODS, which in other words means crossing the Black Sea.

Taxiing along the terminal. Quite eerie, as there were no airliners around. Sometimes I get the impression Ultimate Traffic is not working properly.

I was quite impressed by the quality of the airport scenery.

Before heading out over the Black Sea I was watching the turkish landscape below.

Odessa was hidden below a layer of clouds that extended out over the sea.

I had to file an ILS flight plan since UKOO was IFR only.

Everything went smoothly until I was on final.
I was handed over to the tower, got the landing clearance, yet there was a Transaero plane that crept onto the active. Didn't I complain about missing traffic before? So there it was now, busy with the runway incursion.

Odessa tower told me to go around (which would have been the only reasonable decision), yet I did not feel like going around in big circles once again. I asked tower to repeat, flew over the jet, touched down and quickly got off the runway.

The jet did not care and continued its takeoff run.


Another surprise on the ground: The airport was obviously misplaced, because there was an offset to the taxiways on the GTN. At least the runway direction was correct.

So this was the last but one flight. Pretty exciting one.

48 gallons left. Should be enough for getting back to Germany.

Distance flown (nm) 395
Flt time (hh:mm) 02:08
Fuel used (Gal) 18

Sceneries LTAC-Esenboga 2013 by Ahmet Özler
UKOO by vACC Ukraine
(both freeware)

Coldplay says Don't panic. I didn't.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Leg 56 | OKBK Kuwait - LTAC Ankara

Back at Kuwait, three legs to go before this long trip is finally coming to an end. I have to admit I am actually looking forward to it.

I decided to leave during the afternoon, so I would reach Ankara by night.

Departing from this large airport,

and peeking across the city.

I saw some larger buildings in the background, supposedly downtown Kuwait.

The route went over Iraq, so I was flying over Baghdad some while later.

Dawn, somewhere over northern Iraq.

Even within the limited confines of flight simulation, watching the dawn is impressive.

The sun was setting just as I entered Turkish airspace. Tranquility.

Passing over a well illuminated city while I was preparing for lading at LTAC:

Visibility was great, no traffic around, very smooth landing.

SafeTaxi outside of the US, yay! Thanks to the latest Garmin GTN trainer update. Should have done that a while ago.

The route was KUA G667 RALKA G795 TASMI L602 ITBIT UM860 KABAN M860 SRT G8 BAG.

There is a video of the landing at LTAC in Johannes Burges' YouTube channel:
Hard to compare since they arrived during daytime. Considering the video, I should have chosen an earlier departure from Kuwait.

Distance flown (nm) 990
Flt time (hh:mm) 05:47
Fuel used (Gal) 45

Sceneries Kuwait airport & city scenery by IVAO Kuwait 
LTAC-Esenboga 2013 by Ahmet Özler
(both freeware)

Not quite Home Again (Michael Kiwanuka), but certainly not far away.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Leg 55 | OOMS Muscat - OKBK Kuwait

I got back to the Legacy while the moon was watching. It was still early morning, and I was planning to catch the dawn sky.

This would be the route along the Persian Gulf to Kuwait.

The sun was greeting while I was on the way to the active,

Departure view of the Muscat airport as it used to be years ago.

Watching the sky during sunrise...

...with lots of sand below.

Eventually I was over water.

Approaching Kuwait airport

On final for 33R:

There was quite some US Air Force presence on the ground.

Along with some local airline flavours.

The waypoint list on this flight was quite long thanks to the many waypoints in this region: MCT L764 IVETO PAXIM P899 ITRAX ROVOS G462 ITROK N563 RULEX A453 KUA.

Distance flown (nm) 650
Flt time (hh:mm) 03:11
Fuel used (Gal) 28

Sceneries Muscat International Airport by Frits Beyer and Jacques Botha
Kuwait airport & city scenery by IVAO Kuwait 
(both freeware)

The Great Gig in the Sky by Pink Floyd is this leg's song.